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My First Car

Posted by on Mar 18, 2017

There’s nothing quite like having the badge of honor of having your first car be a total piece of crap.

I learned so much independence and knowledge with my first car. I had 1000 dollar budget for my first car.

My parents said I was on my own and go find my first car.

How intimidating.

I had a job and knew all car expenses were on me. Please, don’t let my car be a lemon.

This car wasn’t a lemon but it did nickel and dime me.

This beauty had such a rusty left fender. This was an ugly muted gold color Ford Tempo.

Ford Tempo

This car broke down on me so many times. It was very frustrating as a teen to be ready for a night out with friends only to have my car not start. I look back now and laugh but then it was very real. I remember my mom going out there and working with my car. She showed me a trick she figured out to get it started.

Click the key halfway, wait 3 seconds, and then start all the way. Holy what kinda voodoo is this car on?!!?

It worked. How crazy!!

Through this car I figured out how to change oil, change oil gasket, replace radiator and hose and duck tape up a car window, and fix the awful sound of an embarrassing serpentine belt. Right now one of the top cars for teens to drive is the Chevy Malibo.

chevy Malibo

Oh, how lucky I would have been to get a brand new car. Now I think the chevy mailbo is not the greatest looking car but a very safe one. A sporty car would not be my pick as a teens first car.

I know I wanted one and so did all my friends, but seriously my ugly little 1000$ car gave me lots of great memories and knowledge and I would’ nt go back and change it.


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The Mini Cooper

Posted by on Mar 18, 2017

How fun is this car!!!

The Mini Cooper

You can not be taken seriously in this car.

This little car is low to the ground and driving an automatic makes you feel somewhat of a race car driver, especially if you got one with the checkered or British flag on top.

This car is 31 inches shorter then the Honda civic but don’t let that fool you.

The interior is surprisingly roomy.

Behind the seats are 5.3 cubic feet of cargo space.

That will get you about 4 grocery bags fitting back there.

This is such a fun little car.

Everyone will stop you to talk about it and ask you for a little joy ride.

This car flies and does best around corners.

The minis are starting around 20,000 nowadays.

It was an icon in British pop culture of the 1960s.

You can scoop an older one that someone has fixed up for under 20,000 also.

This is a great car for parents.

Why you may ask?

You cant put a car seat in there.

No, you cant, but when you need some personal time and just want to have a nice drive the mini is so fun to drive.

Turn that music up, get those tinted windows down and pretend you’re a race car driver hitting those curves.

They are very safe.

Once driving down the rainy highway I saw one spinning in control.

I saw cars gently moving out of the way.

What do you know?

Here spins around a mini cooper!!

It gently spun in the road and off to the side.

The grass stopped the car.

All of the other cars traveling 70 miles per hour gently went around this mini-spinning machine.

I’m sure quite a scare for those inside but I wanted a mini after that day.

Low to the ground and so much fun!



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Renting A Car From Car Pod – A Used Car Dealership

Posted by on Jun 22, 2016

Renting A Car From Car Pod – A Used Car Dealership

Renting a car can be rather easy, especially when you are using Car Pod, a used car dealership. This article will not only teach you more about car pod, but you will also learn more about cars in general, how to pick out a great car and how to use all the services car pod has to offer. It can be amazing to drive a car and here are all the more reasons why you should use car pod for your services!
Check All Rental Companies
Obviously, you might want to pick the most ideal organization with regards to leasing an auto abroad. That implies you will need to do some examination before getting to the spot of your stay and check for various conceivable outcomes and choices which are offered in the spot of your remain. This will permit you to pick the best rental organization, which offers the best conditions for leasing an auto at the most ideal cost. Moreover, attempt to maintain a strategic distance from any shady business and keep clear from rental organizations that don’t pass out appropriate printed material.
Find A Car Which Is Suitable
kia-borrego-suv-carFor the most part, individuals have a tendency to pick a moderate size auto when leasing an auto abroad, however you could likewise pick a littler auto. In the event that there is no particular requirement for it, I would encourage you not to lease a vast auto, or for instance a SUV, particularly on the off chance that you are setting out toward Europe where the streets are tight. In this way, you ought to pick the auto which will suit your necessities the best and which will make your stay pleasant. u2012_314x231Be that as it may, preceding going you ought to check the choices and consider the circumstances which will direct which auto you ought to lease for your sit tight.
Learn More About Car Renting
You can stay away from superfluous expenses of rental administrations if as opposed to leasing an auto on the air terminal you mastermind the auto to sit tight for you at the airplane terminal. This implies you will need to lease the auto online preceding achieving the destination. Likewise, on the off chance that you are in the city you could lease an auto on the spot, along these lines you will eliminate the superfluous costs. Besides, you ought to realize that you will be offered the protection at the rental organization and that it is totally up to you whether you will take it or not.

Despite the fact that many individuals are agonized over their security and trust that taking the protection is the most ideal approach to keep them safe, you ought to precisely consider whether you require it or not, subsequent to by and large your travel protection as of now covers a few, if not every one of the angles which are offered by the protection of the rent-an auto organization.

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